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ArtsEnlight creative experiences, facilitated by Heidi Lea Little are designed to encourage unique opportunities for playful experimentation, risk taking, trusting intuition, appreciating individuality and opening to the ideas of others. Allowing time to pause for creative reflection can afford a rare, quiet space to relax, observe, discover, and to feel a sense of personal accomplishment, insight and inspiration.

The very Process of creativity presents a chance to fully engage the senses and immerse oneself in the present moment. Much like singing and dancing, the process (the being and doing) is considered the prize, of equal or sometimes greater value than the finished art work produced.

Programs offered: Workshops, Studio classes, School Residencies, Community Art Projects and Collaborations.
  • Programs for Women and Girls that foster positive self- esteem, body image, increased confidence and a sense of empowerment.
  • Population served: Children, Teens and Adults, including people with disabilities, youth at risk and Sr. citizens.
  • Availability: Year round, throughout New England
  • Fees: Negotiable, depending on hours and travel time.

Please contact Heidi Lea, to discuss the specific goals
and needs for your groups’ unique program.




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